Fire protection and -safety

We develop fire protection plans for residential buildings, offices and special-purpose buildings – employing specialized engineering methods for the latter when necessary. For industrial warehouses, we offer calculations in accordance with DIN 18230, allowing us to build them in F0. The actual fire load is calculated in this case, similar to simulating the thermal characteristics of building components during a cellulosic fire. We can also combine fire protection plans which conform to German standard regulations for industrial buildings with specialized fire protection engineering methods.

For buildings like museums and theaters, as well as for existing buildings, we calculate evacuation plans using the Predtetschinski-Milinski method.

In special cases, e.g. when active fire protection measures such as smoke control systems or evacuation- and smoke extraction simulations are needed, we collaborate with our network of independent experts. We develop fire protection and -safety plans for everything from high-rises to hospitals to listed and/or historic buildings. Especially for the latter, our plans focus on protecting the building and its inhabitants with the help of state-of-the-art engineering methods. These include simulating the thermal characteristics of building components during a fire, evacuation calculations and smoke extraction simulations.

Our fire protection and -safety plans can include preparing escape-and-rescue strategies and routes, developing plans for the fire service, and ensuring that all the relevant fire safety regulations are being fulfilled