EU-construction site coordinator, H&S engineer

Health & safety engineer according to EU guidelines

EU guidelines mandate that building contractors employ a health & safety engineer, or do this work themselves, on construction sites

  • which are active for more than 30 working days
  • where more than 20 workers are working simultaneously
  • which exceed more than 500 people days.

The remit of the health & safety engineer (Si-Ge) is to coordinate the health and safety concerns of every person involved in the construction process, taking into account the general principles of § 4 of the German Occupational Safety Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz). We offer this service, which is carried out by our specially trained Si-Ge engineers

We analyze the safety risks and health protection aspects of a construction site and document the results in a health & safety plan. We play a key part in developing solutions to eliminate and/or minimize hazards

As a special service, we offer to help with the coordination and organization when a building site is being set up. During construction, we conduct spot checks on the site to ensure that regulations are being followed and that shared safety equipment is being used correctly.

We organize safety inspections and -meetings. If the site undergoes major changes, we modify the health and safety plan as necessary.