The issue of room acoustics is not just relevant in connection with buildings such as atriums, call centers, and lecture halls/auditoriums. The quality of a room’s acoustics is playing an increasingly vital role in schools and childcare facilities, as well as in office- and administrative buildings. Together with clients and architects, we develop and design ideal acoustics solutions for the people who will ultimately be using the building.

For complex room acoustic problems, we can offer you Rasti-simulations using the program ‘Catt-Acoustic’. We employ state-of-the-art sound meters, not only for measuring acoustics in existing buildings, but also for conducting tests during the construction of new buildings. In addition to offering you calculations relevant to sound emission protection according to the regulations of the German Federal Government (TA-Lärm), we also generate sound emission simulations with the aid of the ‘Soundplan’ computer program.