Structural engineering

As consultant engineers, we support clients with everything from preliminary planning to overseeing the building approval process and supervising construction. Beginning at the draft stage, we collaborate with contractors, architects and building services engineers to develop optimized structural framework proposals which are user-friendly and cost-efficient. Aspects which are particularly vital to us include sound building physics, heat insulation, and natural energy conservation. We make every attempt to find the best possible material for each structural framework solution, taking into account aspects such as fire resistance, durability and usability.

Since building in dense urban areas is becoming more and more challenging, we often develop a preliminary shoring concept in order to obtain a partial building permit. When it comes to constructing the excavation pit, we also look for cost-effective solutions beforehand and ensure that adjacent buildings are factored into the construction plans.

We plan demolitions and make the necessary structural calculations to ensure a safe demolition environment. Our certified health-and-safety engineers (Si-Ge) supervise the entire process, which in urban areas is increasingly being effected with the help of state-of-the-art cutting techniques and low-noise methods.