Thermal insulation certificates

Our team of engineers has always focused not only on structural engineering, but also on topics such as energy conservation and the thermal insulation of buildings. We set up energy conservation plans which maximize energy savings and climatic comfort while using the available economic resources in the most efficient way

During this process, we ensure that economic efficiency and integrated planning go hand in hand with noise control, fire protection and structural engineering.

We offer energy optimization plans for existing buildings, as well as the planning and monitoring of heat- and damp-proofing measures – all of which is possible either after an on-site energy consultation or as a stand-alone service.

Depending on the complexity of the issues, energy optimization plans include thermal bridge calculations, an energy simulation and in-depth design details. To calculate condensation prevention, we use thermal-hygric thermal bridge calculations in special cases.

For office- and non-residential buildings, we can combine a passive house design with a dynamic building simulation at the client’s request. This allows us to optimize thermal insulation and home technology measures. We have experience with a wide range of non-residential building projects – from offices, schools, gymnasiums and day care centers, to functional buildings in passive house standard for athletic centers. We are a member of the special-interest community ‘Interessengemeinschaft Passivhaus’